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Khlong saeng wildlife sanctuary : over 1155km2 of pristine wilderness

A genuine off-the-beaten track Khao Sok lake trip to Khong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Cheow Lan is a huge lake (185 km2) that lies at the heart of one of the largest tracts of protected forest left in southern Thailand. Several National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, covering a combined area 3572 km2 almost completely surround the lake. 

The Khlong Saeng Wildlife sanctuary is the largest and best preserved rainforest reserve among them. Most of the forest here is very rare, primary or virgin rainforest, and it’s incredibly rich in biodiversity.  111 species of mammals have been found here, including wild Elephants, Serows, Gaurs, Tapirs, Clouded Leopards, and Malayan Sun Bears plus 413 species of birds.

True wilderness are road-less, undisturbed areas. Therefore, access to the more remote and wildest parts of the reserve are best reached by boat. It is in these places far removed from human settlements that you are most likely to encounter rare, threatened and endangered species.

Please note: We only offer overnight wildlife safaris on the lake for two main reasons. Firstly, the areas with the highest levels of biodiversity are very far from the dam pier, and will take several hours to reach by boat, thereby making day trips impractical. Secondly, the best time of day to spot wildlife is early in the morning and late afternoon, when temperatures are lower and animals most active. Scenic day trips to the lake can also be arranged, but it would be misleading to call them a safari for the reasons noted above.  


We drive to Rajjapraba Dam and board your private longtail boat at the pier.

Begin our 3 hour journey to the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary Ranger Station. The station lies at the far reaches of the lake. A long journey passing many limestone karst formations and small islands covered in jungle. This is among the most beautiful landscapes in Thailand. 

Check in to the National Park Ranger Station (very basic bamboo huts with shared outdoor bathroom). There is no deluxe or luxury accommodation option here, we stay with Park staff at a designated ranger patrol station. 

Enjoy a delicious traditional Southern Thai lunch. Afternoon guided wildlife safari on a long-tail boat looking for a host of rare and wonderful species like wild elephants, hornbills, dusky langurs and playful gibbons. 

Return to the ranger station for a swim, kayak up into the river headwaters or just relax. Enjoy a delicious Thai dinner  


Wake up at dawn for an early morning 1.5 hr guided boat safari travelling up various river tributaries that feed into the lake, looking out for wildlife along the lake and river’s edge.

Return for breakfast at the Ranger Station. 

Following breakfast we set out on a morning hike with an armed ranger through pristine wilderness to observe wildlife. Rangers are armed to ensure our safety, mainly to frighten away elephants on musk or other large, potentially dangerous wildlife (this is very unlikely but a parks requirement).

Return to the Ranger Station for time at your leisure – take a kayak or just relax and admire the scenery.

Return to the dam pier and drive back to Poseidon Bungalows.

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