james bond island tour

James Bond Early Bird

Visit the infamous James Bond Island without the huge crowds. Take a guided canoe trip of coastal mangroves and limestone caves in search of wildlife. Visit a floating fishing village for lunch. Swim at a waterfall in the jungle. Guided tour of the monkey temple and a sacred cave.

Khao Sok Discovery

Go on a guided jungle trek into the Khao Sok National Park. Swim at a waterfall. Enjoy a local Thai lunch. Take a guided canoe or bamboo rafting trip on the majestic Sok River. Enjoy coffee/tea break on the river served in traditional bamboo cups. Stop at a spectacular scenic viewpoint.

Overnight Lake Safari

Take a traditional long tail boat to reach the incredibly biodiverse Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Go on a afternoon and sunrise wildlife safari. Chance to see endangered and rare species like wild elephants, gaur or Indian bison, hornbills, dusky langurs and gibbons.

Mangrove Kayaking Tour

Traveling by longtail boat from a small fishing village, we will take you on a cruise through rarely visited and largely unseen mangrove river systems. Appreciate the beauty and tranquility of these mangrove forests on our way to our purpose-built floating kayak base, hidden deep inside the mangroves.

khao lak day trip cruise

Coastal Cruise & Deserted Beach

Take a guided cruise on a traditional longtail boat to lesser known parts of the Andaman coastline. Visit the turtle sanctuary and a long, secluded beach. Swim or just relax on your patch of paradise. Enjoy a local Thai lunch and a variety of delicious tropical fruit.

khao lak fishing

Mangrove Fishing Trip

Take a traditional long tail boat with an experienced local fishing guide. Go fishing in the best spots only locals know. Enjoy a delicious local-style fisherman's lunch. Option to go kayaking in the mangroves, swim in a beautiful hidden lagoon or continue fishing the day away. Whatever you choose, it will be a great day.

elephant sanctuary khao osk

Ethical Elephant Experience

Experience an up close and personal encounter with a majestic Asian elephant at a well-managed elephant sanctuary.You will have the opportunity to feed, mud bathe, wash, and interact closely with Asia’s largest land mammal. No riding is permitted at this sanctuary.

Overnight Lake Trip

Take a traditional long tail boat to a comfortable, air conditioned raft house. Swim or kayak through emerald green water. Explore a visit to limestone caves and a guided trek into ancient rainforest. Take an early morning guided boat safari looking for rare wildlife along the lakes forest edge.

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