Mangrove Kayaking Tour

Khao Lak Kayaking Adventure

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It’s a little known secret that Khao Lak has vast mangrove forests with rivers, rainforest and a wide array of species. Khao Lak’s mangroves cover a huge area of above 60 square kilometres. Only very recently have these mangroves begun to be systematically explored and mapped.  For the first time it is now possible to explore this unique and biodiverse environment. 

To keep this tour as exclusive and relaxed as possible we only take a maximum of 6 people (larger groups are available on request)

Traveling by longtail boat from a small fishing village, we will take you on a cruise through rarely visited and largely unseen mangrove river systems. You’ll have plenty of photographic opportunities to capture the beauty and tranquility of these mangrove forests on our way to our purpose-built floating base, hidden deep inside the mangroves.

From this point we hop into our kayaks to explore the many streams and rivers that twist and turn through the serene mangrove estuary.  After a while we will guide you back to our floating platform for some rest and refreshments. Once rested back there is a chance to swim and cool off in a sheltered, hidden in-land lagoon before heading back to the pier.

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