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Affordable Khao Lak beach huts

Secluded but affordable Khao Lak beach huts are almost impossible to find these days. After 30 years, we remain the best value-for-money nature escape on the Andaman coast. Our beach bungalows are ideal for nature-lovers, couples and families on a budget. 

Our 15 bungalows and beach huts are nestled in tropical jungle. They directly overlook mature rainforest. All have easy access to a private beach. The resort is located on a sheltered cove at the mouth of the unspoiled Klong Lamru Duan River. This river flows down to the beach from its headwaters in the nearby Khao Lak-Lamru National Park.

A genuine nature lover’s paradise

Poseidon Bungalows’ unique location makes it one of the most stunning nature retreats in Thailand. It’s seclusion makes it ideal for long, solitary walks along the beach. The more adventurous like to scramble out onto the wild and rocky shoreline. Some prefer to paddle down into the estuary and spot exotic birds. Other guests are happy to just sit on their balcony and appreciate the great ocean views.

Nature lovers appreciate the areas’ rich biodiversity. Many unique marine and terrestrial species live here. Poseidon Bungalows is home to the endangered Slow Loris, Sunda Flying Lemurs and Asian red-cheeked squirrels. You can also see White bellied Sea eagles, several Kingfisher species, Coucals and Ospreys here. The entire region is geared for nature tourism. Guests can go bird watching, diving or snorkeling. You can also go hiking in the park and swimming at nearby waterfalls. Many of our guests are happy to just relax on the beach.

best beach bungalow thailand
Stone bungalow balconies
beach bungalow Thailand pool
The new pool
beach bungalow thailand khao lak
Beach bungalow Thailand
beach bungalows Thailand
Your very own secluded beach

Our Facilities

Poseidon Bungalows has been upgraded and rebuilt several times over the past 30 years. All the wooden bungalows and the restaurant were completely rebuilt after 2004 Tsunami. You simply won’t find better Khao Lak beach huts at our price point.

The owners have deliberately kept things simple, affordable and nature-friendly. The stone bungalows are spacious and comfortable. All rooms have balconies with spectacular tree top views of the jungle and ocean beyond. Bathrooms aren’t huge or modern, but have hot water showers and western flushing toilets.

The wooden restaurant looks on to a picturesque river mouth. The restaurant overlooks a majestic bay of seemingly endless white-sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. No other buildings are visible from the restaurant. Since its inception, the resort has sought to minimize its impact on the earth. All rubbish is carefully differentiated, composted and recyclable materials salvaged. The use of single-use plastics is also minimized. The resort shops locally to further reduce its impact on the environment.

Beach front restaurant khao lak
The new restaurant overlooking the bay

Khao Lak Beach Huts: Five Star Location

Over the years, 10 more spacious and purposefully rustic ‘stone’ bungalows were built. Their simple yet elegant design has withstood the test of time. Fortunately, the owners took great care during construction to not damage the mature rainforest trees. In following the resort’s Swedish influenced philosophy, all dwellings are carefully integrated with their environment.  

More recently, a modest but modern swimming pool was built. The pool is perfect for families and couples looking to cool off or just relax. Though far from luxurious, the spartan but comfortable bungalows are incredible value-for-money given their spectacular five star location. 

Fine Thai Cuisine & Bar

We serve authentic Thai cuisine from our highly-regarded beach-front restaurant and bar. All our meals are lovingly prepared with the finest local ingredients. Every dish is made fresh to order. Enjoy stunning views with your meal and exotic cocktail, beer or wine. Listen to the waves gently wash up along the shore.

Thai cooking classes are also available by appointment.

Personalized Tours

With over 30 years of local knowledge, we’ve seen many tour operators come and go. We have withstood the mass tourism boom, and continue to offer all our guests only the best-value tours and free local travel advice. We always take our time to discover your travel interests, and work to your schedule and budget. All our guests can access a variety of free, self-guided tours to help you explore Khao Lak independently.

For those wanting something more special, we now offer in-house, professionally guided, small group or private tours of the highest quality. We will never ever push unsuitable tours onto our guests. We carefully screen all our tour partners, diving schools and guides to ensure your safety and satisfaction. As always, we maintain a commitment to offering our guests unbeatable quality AND value-for-money.

Scooter & Kayak Rental

We have two 125cc Honda Scooters available exclusively for our guests to rent.

Price200 Baht (Half day) / 250 (Full day) 

You can also rent Sea Kayaks to explore the river estuary or beaches nearby. 

Price: 150 Baht (Half Day) / 250 Baht (Full day)

beach bungalow thailand

Best Beach Bungalow Thailand

"My son and Granddaughter and I had a wonderful stay in November in what I can only describe as PARADISE. The food was great, the owners and staff so friendly and helpful."
Sandy skilton
United Kingdom

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